Fares Zaitoon

Is a self-taught photographer and visual artist born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Since childhood, he was passionate about collecting photographs until he pursued the art of making them himself in 2016. Dropping out of university to dedicate his full attention to making art and focusing on the subject matter of topics he identifies with, he began to spotlight issues like drug addiction, where he reflects unmasked and intense moments that addicts go through. Since then, his projects focus on accessing very personal and almost restricted territories in order to translate universal emotions using his own visual vocabulary.

His works were exhibited at Cairographie Festival in 2017; in ‘Hakawi’ as part of a Paris showcase organized by Cité Internationale des Arts, and in Zamalek Art Gallery in Egypt in 2019. Also, his work has been featured in Vice Arabia, CNN Arabic, Mada Masr, Daily News, and Cairo Scene, British Journal of Photography, Spiegel magazine, and his most recent achievements include being nominated for the CAP Prize 2020 for Contemporary African Photography, in 2021 earning a scholarship to the Danish school of media and journalism, and in 2022 receiving a scholarship to H-S Hannover University.