Fanzine: Tarweedeh

An encrypted style of Palestinain folk
song used to help families communicate
across occupier prisons. This type of
folk song was first developed during
British colonization of Palestine and
continued after the Nakba in 1948.

Design by
Reem Attia.

Drawings by
Maggie Ashraf.

Produced & published by

Supported by the Arab Documentary
Photography Program (ADPP) a joint
initiative of the Arab Fund for Arts and
Culture, Prince Claus Fund, and Magnum

Tamara Abdul Hadi

Tamara is an Iraqi photographer whose work is concerned with the historic

and contemporary representation of her own culture, in its diversity.
Along with being a photographer, Tamara is an educator who has taught in Palestine,
Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE, Kuwait, Tunisia and Canada.
Her work has been published in the mainstream media extensively, though she now
prefers to work for more independent entities. Her photographs have been exhibited
worldwide. Abdul Hadi's debut monograph Picture an Arab Man was published in

Rehab Eldalil

Born (1989) and currently based in Cairo, Egypt, Rehab Eldalil is an award winning documentary photographer, visual storyteller and educator. Her work focuses on the broad theme of identity explored through participatory creative practices.

Her long-term project The Longing Of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken was shortlisted for PHmuseum Women Grant 2021, 6 Mois Photojournalism award 2021, Philip Jones awards 2021, Marilyn Stafford award 2021 and Catchlight fellowship 2020. She was awarded AFAC & Magnum Foundation’s Arab Documentary Photography Program grant 2020, National Geographic Society’s Emergency grant for Journalists 2020 and Creative Activism award 2021. Rehab was awarded the FotoEvidence W Award 2022 to publish her project in a book format, she won the World Press Photo Regional Award 2022 (Open Format/Africa) and received the Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus award 2022. Most recently, she received the Women Photograph and Getty Images Inclusion grant to work on her new project Nesting Birds.

Rehab's work has been exhibited in many exhibitions around the world including Egypt, USA, UK, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Canada and Greece. Her book is available for sale worldwide.

Abdo Shanan

Born in 1982 in Oran, Algeria to a Sudanese father and an Algerian mother. Abdo studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Sirte, Libya until 2006. In 2012, he undertook an internship at Magnum Photos Paris, which gave him the opportunity to reflect on his photographic approach. In 2015, Abdo was a co-founder of collective220, a collective catering to Algerian photographers. A year later in 2016 his series 'Diary:Exile' was selected by the Addis Fotofest. In 2018, he was one of ten photographers selected for ADPP (Arab Documentary Photography Program). Abdo won The CAP Prize (Contemporary African Photography) in 2019 for his project “Dry”. In 2020, he is a winner of The Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus Incipiens, In the same year he co-curated  “Narratives from Algeria” at Pasquar Photoforum in Bienne, Switzerland. In 2022, he is one of Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Awards for his project “A Little Louder, Same year, Abdo had his first solo show at Center Photographie de Geneve.

Myriam Boulos

Born in 1992 in Lebanon. At the age of 16 she started to use her camera to question Beirut, its people, and her place among them. She graduated with a master degree in photography from L’Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts in 2015. Myriam took part in both national and international collective exhibitions, including “Infinite identities” (Amsterdam), 3ème biennale des photographes du monde arabe (Paris), and “C’est Beyrouth” (Paris). Today she uses photography to explore, defy and resist society. In 2021 she was awarded the Grand prix ISEM and she joined Magnum.


Eyad Abou Kasem

Born in 1986 in Damascus, Syria. Eyad is a documentary photographer and visual artist working on themes such as displacement, identity, and the impact of conflict on individuals and communities. Graduated from the Faculty of Literature Arts in Damascus, Syria in 2013 and is currently studying Visual Journalism and Documentary photography at the Hochschule Hannover.