Ali Zaraay

Ali is an Egyptian Visual Artist and Documentary Photographer in Cairo. He
studied in Hochschule Hannover's International Program of Documentary and
Photojournalism program 2020 in Germany and in 2022 Ali completed a one-year
diploma in Liberal Arts from CILAS, Cairo. In July 2023, Ali started his residency in
Cite Des Arts, Paris. He has worked as a press photographer 2012-2016 in a variety
of Egyptian newspapers. And since 2015, he has worked on his long-term
documentary project with the Nomadic Bedouins of Egypt, which he turned into a
web documentary.

Ali currently is interested in interactive installations and public exhibitions, and has
been engaged in curation and creative production. He recently founded “Safena 7”
that offers a space for critical and multidisciplinary collective discussions around
photography and visual arts in Egypt. Ali’s current artworks are concerned with the
change in the city, the demolition, construction and displacement. He believes in the
importance of contemporary multimedia tools; collage, installations, video, sound
and webdocumentaries to complement photography.