Ameen Abo Kaseem

Palestinian-Syrian Multidisciplinary visual artist, documentary photographer, and Cinematographer, Based in Damascus. AL-AYOUN Representative in Syria. Member of ADPP, Magnum Foundation, Prince Claus Fund, graduated in 2023 With a BA in visual arts from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts.

Ameen started using photography in 2016 as a way to communicate and express himself, his work focuses on personal surroundings looking at toxic lifestyles and methods of survival. received a mentorship by "AFAC" for he's first Project "How Was Everything, Before All This Ruin?" which participated in "AN EXPRESSION OF ABSENCE" exhibition at Magnum Foundation & BDC in New York, and Won First Place in POY Asia 2023 Issue Reporting Picture exhibition with Fondazione imago mundi in Italy, also received a production grant from Ettijahat for he's second project "my Short-term memory" Book & installation. And currently finished his cinematic debut with the support of Südkulturfonds.

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